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June 9, 2024

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477. Super Scenic Flight to Clearwater BC Canada, Jun 6, 2024

I embarked on an incredibly scenic flight, tracing the North Thompson River valley toward the small town of Clearwater in British Columbia, Canada. As I soared above Heffley, McLure, and Little Fork, I encountered a stunning natural landscape that, at one point, resembled an AI-generated fantasy. The surroundings were lush, vibrant, and exceptionally green, with Dunn Peak standing tall amidst a snow-covered mountain range on one side, while Raft Mountain retained its snowy cap on the other. Despite some turbulence, I was fortunate that the weather cooperated, allowing me to revel in 245 km (152 mi) of pure fun.




476. Turbulent Flight to Sun Peaks Area. May 31, 2024

Everything in the Kamloops area is now so freshly green and live. It reminded me my trike flight in Hawaii. The 150 km flight was supper beautiful, but not very relaxing. Almost continual turbulence kept my attention in check. I flew to the second largest ski area in Canada, Sun Peaks. It was chilly there with peak covered still in snow. I flew above the residential and business area with the ski hill all around me. The view was spectacular. I have very good video to prove it.


475. Turbulent Flight to and from Douglas Lake, May 15, 2024

It was beautiful, but not relaxing flight to Douglas Lake. Very often turbulent flight over many lakes, pastures, fields rolling hills and deep valleys. It kept me on my toes. I was considering few times to turn around. The turbulence itself was not too bad, but the anticipation of what is coming next. Overall it was 178 km pleasure which only few people had opportunity to experience.


474. Exploring NE of Pritchard (Pemberton), Niskonlith Lake, Chase Area and other. Kamloops, May 10, 2024

An excellent flight in greening Kamloops to see the spring nature changes. Soaring through the skies over Kamloops, you could witnessed the beauty of spring unfold, a true celebration of nature’s renewal! 155 km of pure fun flying


473. Exploring SW of Kamloops. May 2, 2024

One hour flight over many lakes, meadows, fields, hills and other interesting and complex terrain features.


472. Beautiful Scenery above Paul Lake Valley and Paul Lake. Kamloops, Apr 22, 2024

My trip was cut short due to area of some serious turbulence kicks. The prospect for better flying conditions was not good. Regardless, 100 km trip was worth of every penny. The natural beauty of this region is beyond any description. Check it out


471. 225 km Flight to Intimidating Mountainous Area near Lillooet. Kamloops, Apr 14 2024

It was a challenging flight to potentially very nasty and unpredictable flying conditions. I wanted to land at small village Lillooet airport (N50.673 W121.892). It is located well below the ring of tall mountains. I made it to the edge of the SE mountain ridge, just 20 km (12 mi) SE of the airport and gave up. I looked down into that enormous bowl from 2438 m (8000 ft) formed by south wall covered with snow, while the north facing wall was dark, with no traces of snow. Those are the best conditions for some serious thermal turbulence. Regardless, it was spectacular 225 km (140 mi) trip



470. Local Exploration Flight, Kamloops, Apr 12, 2024

It was a perfect day to showcase Kamloops in its full beauty. Enjoy aerial views blended into relaxing music.


469. Unsuccessful, Turbulent Flight to Sun Peaks, Kamloops, Apr 7, 2024

It looked like a perfect morning to go flying. Blue sky, crisp air and very light wind. I decided to fly to Sun Peaks, the second largest ski area in Canada. It was the closing ski season day on the hill.

The flight was very picturesque and relaxing. The sky was all around clear, except the Sun Peaks area. I could see from many km away a band of fluffy clouds above to peaks, signaling thermal activities and turbulence. It would be an ideal time for sail plane pilots to take an advantage of the free uplifting power of clouds, but not for me. I have great respect and zero experience with those thermal, fluffy clouds. For a while I was threading under the blue sky between clouds gaps. I choose one, very well define and small cloud to check the updraft under it. It was very good kick with all those unpleasant turbulence effect on my trike. It was enough for me. I decided to turn around and away from those potentially unwelcomed surprises. Regardless, the country site is beautiful all around us, so no regret.


468. Excellent Flight to Mt Martin; 175 km of Natural Beauty, Kamloops, Apr 1, 2024

I tried this flight in Nov 2023 (YT video # 457) but I was badly kicked out by very nasty turbulence. This time, she was kind to me. Challenging and definitely not boring terrain was pleasurable background in this flight. This interesting video in relaxing music can bring your mood up. The Martin Mt is very well defined mountain on eastern horizon with almost always first and the last snow glowing above the eastern river valley.



467. Local Flight: Batchelor, Sun Rivers, DT, Aberdeen, Knutsford, Ajax, Afton, Sandbars, Kamloops, Mar 30, 2024

An excellent flying weather for some buzzing around. There is so much to see just around Kamloops. It was a beautiful flight and this video is to prove it.


466. Test Flight with New Prop. Flying Loops above North Ridge, Close to Airport. Kamloops, Mar 13, 2024

This was my first flight with new Warp Drive Prop. I set it to 10 deg pitch, measured on the prop tip and it was good choice. Checked the carburetors balance and it was the same to my previous PowerFin prop. Now fiddling around required. I flew close to airport just in case. It was actually very nice, no surprises flight with good video capture.


464. Excellent Flight except the Scary Landing. Kamloops North Ridge, Feb 2, 2024

It was weird day. Kamloops and practically whole BC was under heave fog. All air traffic was on hold.

The sun started to peak through around noon. The west half of runway was still totally fog covered when I started to prepare for flight. It cleared by 1:30 pm, the time when I took off.

It was very relaxing and enjoyable flight in crispy clear air, but with many clouds around. Warm, +6C on the ground and +9C at the top (5500’). Actually, it was too warm, because I had partially covered the engine radiator for cold flying. The engine temp reached max, so I had to pull back a bit to keep it from overheating. It was totally spring like flying.

The fun and relaxation was dashed just about 50 ft above ground when all hell broke loose. I felt like garbage bag in the wind. I had to give up in very scary, super turbulent and gusty conditions. I was glad to make it in one piece. I noticed the wind sock, while taxing “home”, was moving very erratically and at one moment it pointed even straight up. It was some experience. 10 min after that the wind was blowing like mad.


463. My Excellent First Flight of 2024, Kamloops Jan 21, 2024

I was rewarded by beautiful and relaxing winter flight after serious snow removal (by hand shovel) from my access path to runway. There was low ceiling cloud base all around except Kamloops center and airport area. I found enough space to have good winter fun.



462. I had to Shovel all this by Hand before my Flight, Kamloops Jan 21, 2024

It was serious exercise to clear all that snow from my hangar up to the taxiway. The taxiway was closed for me by big snow withdraw from the airport plow. Well many people pay for the gym membership and I have it free.

I discovered so many muscles. I didn’t know I have. See the actual flight below


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